fuck-it, give me the damn pizza!

I need some motivation to help me keep going on my weight loss

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Comic Con

I need to write about my very first Comic Con experience. On Friday I got some last minute tickets to Comic Con for Saturday I was SOOOO excited! I am a total geek and I couldn’t wait to experience it. I hear so much about this thing, about how its some people’s life mission just to […]

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The Diet Road

A few couple of years ago I went on a huge weight loss adventure where I lost 50 pounds eating low-carb. It was great! I was so overweight for so long and I knew that losing weight would change my life. I just knew that it would open doors because I would have confidence and […]

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The Free-Spirit is Free!

I am a free-spirit and I can never forget this! I had to be reminded of this over the weekend which was incredibly liberating. I am a free-spirit and it is a beautiful thing! I do my own thing, dance to my own beat, I’m care-free and usually dont worry about too many things. I […]

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Vegan Cancer Fighter

Easter actually turned out pretty fun. I created a scavenger hunt for my kids with hidden clues and fun little gifts. Then they did the traditional egg hunt and opened silly baskets. Then we sat around all day and ate candy and watched fun movies like Hop and The Wedding Singer. It was good and […]

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Effing Easter

Do you guys get anxiety over stupid shit?  I do. I’m not afraid of the dark or bad guys or being alone (I mean it!). I can kick some major ass when needed. I’m not afraid to be poor or to live below my means.  I don’t worry about speaking in front of people or talking […]

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No One Is Coming!!

I totally had an epiphany last night while I was laying in bed pissed at the world. I couldn’t sleep. I just could not shut my stupid brain off. So I laid there in my misery and opened my mind and my heart and dug real deep inside my soul and it came to me: […]

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Dreamy Gemini Girl

Today I am the definition of a Gemini. I feel like two people right now fighting for existence. I actually woke up in a great mood today, I had a super awesome dream that I was Wilson Fisk’s girlfriend, you know, the mob boss from Daredevil. And you know how I am about my dreams, […]

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Zone Out and Zen Run

So last week I decided that I need to focus on something. I needed something that would consume my mind to help distract myself of my own internal battles.  I decided that it would be running. Or jogging really. I’ve never been a fast runner and I don’t plan on winning any races, ever. Now, […]

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The Dead Mummy Lady

  I have a new allergy. Tuna. Who knew?? I had some for lunch on Thursday and had an allergic reaction.  Hives, chest tightness and then low blood pressure. Did I go to the ER? Nope, sure didn’t. I should have, but I just took some benedryl and slept it off. The next day I […]

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I want to be wanted

Yesterday was the day for pity parties. I just told you about the house thing and now I’m going to tell you how lonely I feel sometimes. Real joy today aren’t I? Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a sweet friendship develop between two co-workers at work. They are the most unlikely pair, […]

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My sister told me about this cute show on Netflix called Fixer Upper. Its a reality show about this married couple who renovate houses for people in Waco, Texas. Its a really cute show. I mean, these people bought these gigantic houses for dirt cheap and then they were totally upgraded and renovated to fit […]

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Springtime Depression

I’m so sad today, all I want to do is sit and cry. And its not for no reason, its this time of year. Its the time change that’s going to be happening on Sunday. Its the dreaded sunny days and I hate it. I want winter! I want dark evenings and cozy blankets and […]

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Extravagant Purse

So as you know I am a minimalist. It mostly started because I was/am too poor to shop for frivolous things. And I just hate clutter. So I became a minimalist and it helped. It really did. I adopted the lifestyle and even though I’m still poor, I actually do have money in the bank. […]

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I’m just not into the diet thing right now. I am a low-carb fanatic. When I want to drop a few pounds, I cut the carbs and off they come. Buffalo wings?…not into it. Bacon?…nope. Steak?…no thanks. Honestly, I’ve really been enjoying being fleshy and soft and curvy. Its nice to have boobs again and […]

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